Sharon Colman

Animation Director


Why we love telling stories.

Stories activate our emotions, inspire us, teach us, give us pause to think, and they encourage us to look at the world from a different angle. And when we tell stories to one another we find common ground. We are social creatures after all and want to be around people we can relate to. In fact, we can’t help but tell stories. We do it all the time. We tell jokes, we gossip, we daydream and play out scenarios in our heads. Even when we go to sleep our brain is still telling stories.

Everyone has stories to tell and there are many ways to tell them. Whether it’s a tragedy or comedy, serious or silly, it has to be a story worth telling to the tribe.

                   – Sharon 


(In production) A young Bison struggles to remain the spirit of freedom when a greedy rancher accuses her herd of crossing the line.

More updates coming soon as we continue to build the website.


The tale of a sleep-deprived badger who just wants the world to give him peace.

Oscar nominated short film 2005.


A 10-week course designed to equip you with the tools to make your indie animated short film a reality.


Hi! Do you agree that storytelling is a fundamental part of being human? Yet in today’s society it is impossible to create independent projects without the support of like-minded people. But the desire to tell a story often outweighs the challenges that face us. If you share these values then I thank you for being here. All donations go towards the production of Roamin’. 

                       – Sharon 

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Sharon Colman is an Oscar nominated filmmaker who has also been recognized by several other international awards. She is best known for her short film Badgered. Sharon has over fifteen years of experience in story development and directing short form animation. She believes that we need stories more than ever to help us make sense of the world. In story development Sharon has worked for feature studios including Warner Animation Group, DreamWorks Animation and Paramount Pictures, as well as storyboarding for Animal Logic, Jim Henson Studios, Marza Animation Planet and Aardman Animations.


Sharon is currently working on her new independent short film, Roamin’, which she successfully Kickstarted through crowdfunding. Sharon has an MA in Animation Direction from the National Film and Television School and a BA (Hons) in Visual Communication from Glasgow School of Art.